Despite efficacious and conservative treatments being well known, they are neither routinely nor effectively implemented in clinical practice. Improved understanding of the disease process and the  assessment of safe and efficacious interventions and their timely delivery  are important issues that will be the focus of this summit.

The Osteoarthritis Summit 2014 is a two day event held at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. The meeting will be held on the 9th and 10th of October 2014.

Unlike previous years, the OA Summit 2014 will be open for registration to all members of the OA community.

The Osteoarthritis Summit 2014 aims to bring together the OA research community to share their discoveries and ideas. The Summit will be an ideal platform for scientific exchanges and networking within the Australian Osteoarthritis community.

Following on from the successful Australian OA Summits in Sydney 2012 and Melbourne 2013 the aim of the third Summit is to open up the meeting to all researchers and clinicians actively engaged in OA for thematic scientific exchange. To that end, we will invite speakers on each of the three main themes and encourage abstract submissions tailored to these themes.



Osteoarthritis is a highly prevalent and disabling disease affecting 10 - 12%
of the adult population and leading to activity limitation
in 80% of affected individuals.

OA Summit 2014 Themes

1. Phenotype and Pathology

Define and understand OA phenotypes and pathogenesis at the whole joint level.

2. Biomechanics and Joint Injury

Determine if non-pharmacologic, conservative management interventions can slow symptomatic, functional & structural disease progression.

3. Health Service delivery and models of care

Determine the most effective and cost effective models(s) of care for improving patient relevant outcomes including optimising patient selection for joint replacement surgery.

The outcomes of the OA Summit 2014 will encourage clinicians and industry stakeholders to invest in appropriate management strategies where possible.

The Summit specifically aims to:

• Bring the OA research community up to date about macro level joint research.

• Develop partnerships between the research community, clinicians and industry stakeholders who are working towards a common goal of treating and reducing the burden of OA.

• Initiate and collate the development of OA healthcare models to improve health service delivery and optimize healthcare resources.

Osteoarthritis Summit 2014 – Program Overview

Thursday 9th October

• OA Management Plan Policy Strategy Meeting (Invitation only)

• Wine Reception

Friday 10th October

• Theme 1: Phenotype and Pathology

• Theme 2: Biomechanics and Joint Injury

• Theme 3: Health Service delivery and models of care

• Conference Dinner




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